Jenny Doyle Selected as an AWWA 5 Under 35 Outstanding Young Professional

As our global workforce shifts and changes begin to take place at the local level, there is a need to prepare our future leaders. From cultivating their leadership presence to focusing in on conflict resolution and managing a dynamic workforce, the Illinois and Missouri Sections of the American Water Works Association assisted their members in developing key essential skills.

Jenny Doyle, AWWA 5 Under 35

Award Showcases Outstanding YPs in the Water Sector

Five young professional members of the American Water Works Association were honored as the 2023 "5 Under 35" during the opening session at ACE23. Below, Jenny summarizes her key recommendation for ensuring a sustainable path to Water 2050.

  • Senior Civil Engineer, PE, City of Glendale, Arizona Water Services
  • Member, AWWA Member Engagement and Development Committee
  • Past Chair, Chair, Trustee, Missouri Section
  • Section Conference Technical Program; Section Member Engagement Committee; Section Young Professionals Committee; Section Water Equation Committee
  • S. and M.S., Civil Engineering, University of Arkansas

“Our continued success in this industry relies on advocating for the true value of water and building a diverse portfolio of professionals to tackle the challenges ahead. When we recognize the value of water, we’ll be able to work together to protect our natural resources while utilizing innovative, technology-forward solutions.”

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Congratulations to Jenny Doyle!

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